“What forms of payment do you accept?”

We accept cash, cheque and e-transfer.

We currently do not accept credit card or pay pal, however we hope to offer these forms of payment in the near future.

“Why do you ask for more information for a quote?”

We often ask you for more information, or as much information as possible to give you the most accurate quote we can based on your individual needs. The number, style and type of panes, style of home, square footage, accessibility, last time they were cleaned, and style of roof are all contributing factors in helping us give you an accurate quote.

“What is a pane?”

When we are talking bout panes and windows there is a difference. A pane is one side of an individual piece of glass. Touch your window, whenever you have to remove your hand to touch the other piece of glass, this counts as a new pane.

For example: This window has six panes interior and six panes exterior or a total of twelve panes.

“Are all panes priced and counted the same?”

While most panes fall within our normal pricing there are exceptions to the rule. Over-sized windows, french panes, storm windows, take apart sliders, deck glass, railing glass , third story (walk-out) windows and skylights.

“Will rain ruin my clean windows?”

For the most part, NO. We often clean windows in light drizzle with no issues. When we clean your windows we remove all of the dirt and particles from the glass and the surrounding frame. Generally the rain alone will not cause your windows to get dirty. High winds in dry and dusty areas can cause a small amount of dirt to stick to moisture on the windows. Dirty screens can transfer dirt in the moisture to the windows in a heavy rain.

That being said we clean the windows regularly not because they will stay clean forever but because cleaning and maintaining your windows helps prevent water stains, and dirt to build up on them.


“How do you clean the windows?”

We clean your windows by wiping them with a wet soapy scrubber. We remove any stuck on dirt or stains with a non-scratch scrubbing pad or a razor when necessary (I.e: Some stucco, stickers or paint). We then wipe down the surrounding frame and squeegee the water off of the window. We dry the edges of the glass with a clean dry towel.The window is left completely dry and film and residue free. By cleaning the windows in this manner it prevents dirt or dust fro sticking to the windows. Some cleaners such as windex, or other home remedies leave a film no matter how well they are wiped.

“How do you clean the eaves troughs?”

We remove all debris by hand or with a scoop. We bag up all of the debris removed and leave it bagged up either in a garbage can or in an agreed upon location on your property. If we find a clog in any downspouts we tap, run water down or take apart the downspout to remove the clog. We make sure the eaves troughs are clean and the downspouts are draining properly.We report any deficiencies we find.

“What do you put in the water when you clean the windows?”

We use a solution of water, Sunlight dish soap, and Unger Easy Glide.

When necessary to remove tough hard water stains we use Unger Rub Out.

In below freezing temperatures in the winter we add a bit of Methyl Hydrate to the water to prevent it from freezing.

“How often should I clean my windows?”

We recommend an interior cleaning once a year and exterior twice a year. This helps to prevent a build up of water stains and a film of dirt.

“Does pressure washing my house clean my windows too?”

Pressure washing doesn’t actually clean your windows. It’s a great way to prep your home for window cleaning by removing the dirt from your home, and can loosen up any loose particles on your windows but it isn’t recommended as a window cleaning alternative. Pressure cleaning your windows can lead to foggy windows, broken seals and water stains. We remove all of the water from the glass when we clean it with a squeegee preventing it from drying and building up on the glass.